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Hello concerned citizen;

Yes I promise I’m still alive. No, I haven’t been indicted…yet. Chances are, if you have found your way to this area of my website, you’re probably looking to connect with me further. In that case- be my guest!

Looking to connect with me more? Want help planning or an adventure? Looking for any additional details or help with teaching English opportunities? Just have a question? Email away. You can find me at [email protected]

Maybe you are looking to partner or work with me? Are you a blogger? Can we work together? Let’s discuss. I’d love to hear from you as well.

I’m accepting guest posts in the following formats: 

  • Adventure Travel
  • City Guides
  • Mis-adventures (Who doesn’t want to talk about a time you made a fool of yourself? Oh….just me then?)


I’m pretty good about reading and responding to my emails pretty quickly….I’m practically glued to my phone, as any young millennial is.

Stalk me on social media! Since I’m always on my phone, you can probably guess that I’m even faster at replying via my Facebook page….and I am always scrawling through Instagram for inspiration. I barely do Twitter.…I have enough social media handles to deal with anyway.


Follow me on Snapchat (@cassysan) to follow me in real time for my daily updates on my crazy adventures (rather than the twitter).

Cheers, Y’all;


Zion Angels Landing