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Why Work with Away We Stray

With blogs becoming an ever-growing influence over potential customers’ trip planning, collaborating with bloggers is a sure-fire way to grow your businesses’ presence online and reach more people before their flights land. Away We Stray has a loyal and dedicated readership that is still exponentially growing. Over the last year, Away We Stray has reached thousands of people from every continent, and continues to influence travelers. Cassy’s steadfast integrity maintains strong credibility across multiple social media platforms.

Cassy focuses Away We Stray on slow and adventure travel, and attempts to blog about the most ethical and responsible habits a traveler should have. As this world becomes more of a global community, it is important to maintain an ethical focus.

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Site Statistics

Monthly Visitors: 1200+

Monthly Unique Visitors: 1100+

Monthly Page views: 3700+

Social Media Statistics

Instagram 16.6K+ followers

Pinterest 400+ followers

Twitter 200+ followers

Facebook 400+ likes



With over half of Away We Stray’s traffic hailing from the USA and another 25% Japan, Cassy has positioned herself as an expert on Japanese and USA travel. Many readers are expats living abroad, looking for ways to continue to fund their global travels. While most of Away We Stray’s readership are young and female, this blog  attracts male and female readers of all ages interested in travel.

How We Can Work Together

Collaborating with travel bloggers is an inventive way to deliver fast promotion of a product/brand/destination and see immediate results through social media and blog articles. Away We Stray is open to:

  • Sponsored Posts including Product/Brand/Destination Reivews
  • Press Trips
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Brand Sponsorships

To discuss partnerships with Away We Stray, or to see the full media kit, please contact Cassy @ AwayWeStray (dot) com