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I’m Cassy, a former Seattle Native who now considers herself a global citizen. Post college, I moved across the country to a small town in South Carolina. I realized that I needed to see more of the world before I settled down, so I moved to Japan to teach English, and subsequently created Away We Stray. Fast forward 1.5 years, I’m now a semi-full-time blogger and freelance writer, still living a nomadic life working to make ends meet across the world. Half-blogger, half-yogi, half-mathematician, I use my spare time to help other people find adventures around the world.

Away We Stray is an adventure blog that focuses on slow travel. If you are interested in collaborating or working with me, please contact me here:

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Where I have been

Countries/Providences I have been to: 35

Favorite Destinations: Japan, The Philippines, Hawaii, California, Cambodia

Top Destinations I want to Visit: Cuba, Colombia, The Bahamas, Brazil, Morocco, Egypt, Dubai, Turkey,  Namibia, India, The Dominican Republic

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