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Check out my resource page for Moving Abroad, or this one on Teaching English Abroad

Just want to travel? Well, I certainly can help you out with that as well. I’ve road tripped across the USA multiple times, and have traveled internationally non-stop since I graduated college in 2014. After being around the block, I can help you with resources, tips, and especially solo female travel tips!

This resource page will assist you in traveling longer, smarter, cheaper and with more vigor. This is my list of travel-related websites, accommodation tips, and my personal choices in travel gear. I hope it helps!!

If you do need help finding information that I haven’t listed below, please don’t hesitate to contact me at cassy@awaywestray.com. I’ll do my best to assist you in any way.

Sleeping Arrangements

  • AirBnB: I actually found this quite useful to meet locals, even while traveling alone. You can find sweet deals even better than hostels at times!
    • PS: did you know you can actually stay in treehouses? Like legit, treehouses-that-are-actual-apartments? Yeah, they are listed on Airbnb
  • HostelWorld: A comprehensive listing of all available hostels, bed and breakfasts, or hotels. Some are super interesting. Well worth some time checking out the more unique ones.
  • SLH: I’m a sucker for a cool place to sleep. I love boutique hotels and enjoy a zen environment.
  • Couchsurfing: I’ve actually couch surfed across Taiwan, Australia, and the USA, and am a host for current travelers when I can. I think surfing is a super cool process and I generally love meeting the interesting people that stay with me.
  • BookingHotels and hostels, and more hotels and hostels.
  • Overnight Trains: Looking to save on accommodations? This certainly will help. Take an overnight train to your next destination and don’t forget to stock up on motion-sickness pills. They will knock you out for at least 4 hours, and help pass the time. It might not be the most comfortable way to travel, but I honestly didn’t mind it on my way through mainland China.
  • If you are interested in other wacky ways to travel, long term or otherwise, try out a farm stay, monestary stay, or a home stay. All of these options will have you living with locals in very different conditions than a hotel, obviously. But if your up for an adventure, why not try them out?

Transportation Resources (Airfare)

  • SkyscannerI am a skyscanner advocate. Why? Because they have this fancy button allowing the user to fly to anywhere from a given airport. It will show you the cheapest flights out of the airport or city of your choice, and will even show you the cheapest flights out of an entire month. Using this website allowed me to find a flight from Taiwan to Honolulu (through Sydney) for $350. The going rate anywhere else was over $700 USD.  Pure Magic.
  • Kayak: Useful, because they also search Expedia, who I used previously. Be careful using them, as they often don’t have the option to add baggage or express that baggage is not included on discount airlines. I ended up wasting some money because of Kayak. Overall a great resource to use
  • AirTrekA website for travelers, by travelers. It’s super useful for finding multiple flights out of different areas to help plan a round-the-world-trip, or the like.

Transporation Resources (Other)

  • Cargo Ships: Ever thought of traveling the world by cargo ship? Yes, it’s possible. You might need to book far in advance, but you certainly will have a story to tell your folks later on.
  • Moped/Scooter: In a lot of countries, you can buy a used or rent a scooter for fairly cheap, and in some countries you don’t actually need a license. I met a guy in China who used his student ID to rent a moped. Some countries are more lax than others.
  • Seat 61: The ultimate guide to train travel anywhere worldwide. Thank you, Mark Smith. You are a travel saint!
  • Rome to Rio: For the cheapest way from A to B guaranteed!
  • China Highlights The most reliable website I’ve used for train travel in China. Make sure to book in advance. The tickets sell out quick.



So how does sharing a bathroom with your S.O. with simultaneous diahrea sound? Not good? How about spiking a 104F fever in the middle of a developing country without anyone around that speaks your language? Double not good?

Don’t be like me. Get travel insurance the first time, before anything bad happens. Okay? Okay.

Get your travel insurance through WORLD NOMADS Enough said. *Mic Drop

Budgeting Tips

  • Cell Phone Service: You can always pick up a sim card at the airport of any country you need to travel to. However, I use T-mobile and have a global plan that offers me unlimited data and texting across the world for a similar price. It was extremely useful for using Google, Facebook and otherwise behind China’s “Great Firewall”. Something worth looking into.
  • Protect your cash: I’m sorry this isn’t applicable to men, but I feel the general concept is useful, and with a little ingenuity, can be adapted. When I backpacked across Asia,  I kept a little cash in my pocket but most was located in a removable-padding-pocket in my bra. Not only was this undetectable on (or off), but it kept cash in multiple spots on my body in case of emergency.